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Sunook Park Creative Director

- Professor, School of Art, California State University Long Beach
- CEO, Andlab.com

Selected branding and identity development projects:
- Corporate identity and application system development for Samsung Corporation
   (global conglomerate)
- Corporate identity and application template design for BellSouth Corporation
- Brand positioning and consulting for Payless ShoeSource (footwear)
- Brand concept design, positioning, and packaging for Emei Mountain Spring Water,
   Sichuan, China (beverage)
- Brand concept design, product concept design, and store design for Shawna Gallego,
   Pasadena, CA (food)
- Re-positioning and re-branding BENEV Company, Irvine, CA (pharmaceutical / cosmetics)
- Corporate identity and website design directions for HepaHope, Irvine, CA (pharmaceutical)
- Brand positioning for Salus Inc, Los Angeles, CA (specialty fashion)
- Product catalog design for pleaserUSA, Fullerton, CA (specialty footwear)
- Website design consulting for 9-HEADS Media, Los Angeles, CA (educational)
- Corporate identity design for Santa Fe Sports, Los Angeles, CA (footwear)
- Corporate identity design for Guidant Corporation (medical)
- Corporate identity and visual communication guide design for PacifiCare (health)
- Brand positioning and product design guidelines for Speedo, Los Angeles, CA (sports)
- International dealership identity and design manual development for HYUNDAI Motor Corp.
- Corporate identity & branding system development for BEACHBODY (fitness)
- Brand naming, packaging, and visual marketing program development for MINDTIX
   (e-Commerce software)
- Brand naming, packaging concept, and identity development for BENEV Company Inc.
   (pharmaceutical / cosmetics)
- Corporate identity and branding system development for SOAP Inc. (sports)
- Product packaging design for U.S. market launch research for JINRO Corporation (beverage)
- Design consultant for Cheil Communications, Los Angeles, CA (advertising)
- Corporate identity design for Harcourt General (entertainment)
- Brand Development for BBCN Bank, Los Angeles, CA (Financial)

Hwasun Lee Creative Director, CEO

- Director of Korea SuuL Institute
- Chair of Organizing Committee of International Sool Conference, Seoul 2018

Papers and Books
- 2016, Outbreak of Distilled Liquor in East Asia and Cultural Exchange -Centering on Ggotju
   from Honam,Korea and Hanashu from Okinawa, Japan , Yul Sang Go Jun vol., no.53,
   pp. 131-166.
- 2016, A Study on the Sundials and Cultural Exchanges of East Asia - With Emphasis on
   Joseon’s and the Yuan Dynasty’s , Culture and Convergence, vol.38,
- 2016, A study on the cultural implications of brewing technology in the poetry of
   Su Shi - Focusing on mead of and Tungpojiu of , Oriental Culture vol.25, pp. 133-163.
- 2017, A study on truth and cultural implication of the liquor tax order in Japapnese colonial
   era, Korean Culture vol.57, pp. 181-218.
- 2018, A Aspect of Suul in Korean Popular Songs, Culture and Covergence Vol.40 No.40,
- The Cultural History of Alcoholic Beverages of East Asia, Hyang Eum publishing, 2017.