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Sylvan's Message

Dear Ms. and Mr.,

Every successful brands in the world lives and breathes its core personality. Thus the development process of a brand identity must start with understanding the “who.” Especially at the current time when every east Asian countries as a nation is eager to find its own new and upgraded national identity in the global arena.

The global culture is no longer a concept nor an outlook today. It is our reality. The advancement of the communication technology enabled an additional dimension of societal groupings: the groupings of like-minded people. This new social groups effortlessly cross the boundary of nations, ethnicities, culture and physical distance.

The nationalistic pride and confidence are wonderful and often powerful emotions when they can be recognized by the people who value their shared identity. In our flat and transparent world today brands need to offer comprehensible and ownable values. You will be recognized and embraced by the new generations of diverse ethnicity when it offers such sharable value that unites them.

SylvanTree creative team will investigate your core character and translate it into a unique and ownable identity. This identity will be evolved into a symbol and other visuals to assist the rendition of the brand.

SylvanTree Creative Director,
Sunook Park & Hwasun Lee

Sylvan's Message