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Branding Design

We serve as follows;
- Brand Diagnosis
- Brand Positioning and Marketing Plan *
- Naming / Tagline
- Logo and Visual Symbol Design **
- Brand Signature Package ***
- Brand Style Guide Design
- Brand Applications Design and Production
   > Web Site Design and Construction
   > Packaging/packaging system design and production
   > Exterior and interior signage/signage system design and construction
   > Product design, prototype building, and production planning
   > Interior design and construction supervising
- Brand Management and Maintenance
- Brand Launch Consultation ****

Other specialized services that SylvanTree offers to its clients are;
- Brand Seminar (90 min–3 hours)
- Brand Workshop (5 to 10 sessions of hands–on brand building experience)
- Personal Branding Service for Executives

* General guidelines and mannerisms of how to “tell the story” to the target audience. ** The final signature may be a wordmark, in which case, the wordmark functions as the logotype and symbol. *** The signature package includes a logo/symbol, color and typography palette, and supporting visual elements. **** Limited time(10 month following the brand launch) brand consulting. Base 40 hours/mo. @$250/hour

Project Approach and Detailed Project Plan

The following is a linear path that illustrates the step by step process of client’s brand building project. In the creative process, each advancing step is connected to its previous, and every step will influence others, regardless of how permanent decisions made in previous stages felt. Therefore, as we proceed, it is imperative to consider vast options and intelligently speculate the probable outcomes for each good scenario through thorough research before making decisions. And when the decisions are made, we need to embrace and protect them unless we are prepared to restart the process from the beginning.

Phase 1: MEANING (research and analysis, defining the brand philosophy)

Internal Interviews
Visual Audit
Visual and Verbal Search
Brand Positioning
* Deliverable: As a result of the process in this segment, we will select your core character and its supporting attributes. These values will be in a form of concise written words and a series of images that help describe the words more accurately. These expressions will be our guiding lights and inner psyche that creates emotional state, morale as well as ego, and your new brand elements, starting with its new logo!

Phase 2: BEING (fundamental creative decisions and the formation of physical components)

Branding and Marketing Plan
Logo/Trademark Development
Color/Typography Direction
Supporting Visual Element Development
Brand Identity Style Guide Design
* Deliverable: Branding/marketing plan report and corresponding signature package which generally includes a logo/trademark, color and typography palette, main and supporting visual elements. Digitally produced Brand Style Guide.

Phase 3: LIVING (supervising applications development and expansion of the identity system)

Launching and the first phase roll out.
Applications Development and Production
Brand Launching Strategy and Implementation
*Deliverable: The brand introduction effort in the first period following the initial brand launch lays critical foundation for the brand’s life. The first phase roll-out customarily includes brand launching adverting campaign, stationery, signage, promo items and other print/interactive marketing material as well as employee awareness education. The work here is to serve as a consultant to guide the implementation process of the new identity. While most general consulting should be covered in the proposed base hour, additional service can be provided if necessary. Implementation process is important and on-going process. It is Sylvan’s wish to be retained as long as possible to foster and grow the brand to its fullest capacity.

Branding Design